"Oh, they have the internet on computers now!" - Homer Simpson 1998

These website examples include some of Derek's best work. He has helped hundreds of clients translate their company's brand into a website that speaks directly to the consumers. A website can be a powerful tool that can elevate your exposure and sales, so proper use of strategic web design can assist your company's needs.

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Waasegabo Waasegabo is an Odawa word and when it is literally translated into English it means standing light. Waasegabo offers custom designer bags with Native prints, Native crafts and Earth medicines at Traditional Powwow’s throughout Northern Ontario. It is also the brainchild of Charlene Green-Wynne. Waasegabo
Sportsman's Park
Sportsman's Park Sportsman's Park - Tent and Trailer Park is an outdoor accomodation located in the beautiful French River are in Northern Ontario. They have been in business for over 30 years and have maintained an exceptional reputation for excellence. This website was created to help owners Michel & Darlene Belanger express the visual beauty that surrounds them everyday. Sportsman's Park
S.O.S Lube
S.O.S Lube Owner Don Stefanik says it best, ""what better way to help out the local riders, but to service their bikes doing AMSOIL Synthetic oil changes and installing new tires at a discounted price?" This shop not only deals in motorcycles tires but also services small engines and sells Parts for China-made ATVs, dirt bikes, buggies, scooters, ebikes and more.
S.O.S motorcycle tires and small engines
J & D Importers Inc.
J & D Importers Inc. J & D Importers is a wholesaler who provides Canadian retailers with quality products at a low price. They supply over 300 businesses with over 700 different products and growing at an alarming rate. They sell clothing, automotive goods, collectible knives, household items, hunting and fishing items, souvenirs, stationery, sunglasses, tabacco products and so much more. their website includes an e-commerce shopping cart with a specialized login system that hides the prices from the general public while allowing access to their retailers.
J & D Importers Inc.
The Copper Kettle Guesthouse
The Copper Kettle Guesthouse The Copper Kettle Guesthouse is one of Sudbury's best places to stay for short or long term travel. They offer executive suites that are modern and spacious but also beautiful and comfortable.
Situated in the McIntosh Block, a turn of the century building that was constructed for Inco workers, this newly renovated guesthouse carries all the comforts of home. There are one, two and three bedroom suites.
The Copper Kettle Guesthouse
The New 6.8.2 Records Inc.
The New 6.8.2 Records Inc. Upgrading from the original website, 682 Records Inc. launched a newer, bigger, badder music website complete with an e-commerce shopping cart that sells CDs, Vinyl and all sorts of apparel. They have added more artists, videos, tour dates and pictures.
6.8.2 Records Inc. (new)
Kill The Autocrat -
Kill The Autocrat -
Kill The Autocrat (KTA) are musicians who combine global activism with rock/ hip hop music. The website reflects both the band's environment and brand identity. It was launched in October 2011. Visuals for the site complement the band's products including CD's, posters and apparel.
Kill The Autocrat
6.8.2 Records Inc. -
6.8.2 Records Inc. -
6.8.2 Records Inc. is a Canadian record company that mainly sports hip hop artists. This website was started in December 2010 and has been growing ever since. Consumers can purchase music and merchandise directly on the site. The website also features the latest news from the company, a twitter feed and video blogs.
6.8.2 Records Inc.